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Stanley is a small village town on southeastern part of Hong kong Island with beautiful beaches. The seashore bars and pubs on waterfront along Stanley Main Street where visitors can enjoy a variety of different foods and drinks, and the Stanley Market which sells Chinese arts and crafts and clothings attract most tourist.


Murray House

Murray House, originally built in 1844 in Central for British military, was moved to Stanley Main Street in 1998, and it is one of the landmarks in Stanley. It houses several restaurants and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


Stanley Plaza

Adjacent to Murray House, opened in 2001, it includes a shopping arcade and a community theatre.


Stanley Prison

Stanley Prison, established in 1937, is one of the five maximum security prisons in Hong Kong. It is currently the oldest institution still in service and houses the top offenders. There is a Correctional Services Museum at the entrance to the prison. Stanley Prison is located at the end of Tung Tau Wan Road.


Stanley's beaches

Stanley is famous for its two beaches: Stanley Main Beach, located on the eastern side of the peninsular, and St. Stephen's Beach, located on the western side of the peninsular. Stanley Main Beach, the larger of the two beaches, which is also popular with windsurfers, hosts the Stanley Dragon Boat Championships to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.


How to get there: Stanley

Citybus No. 6, 6A, 6Xfrom the bus termainal in Exchange Square, Central.